Shear knife grinders

Precise grinding of long knives in hot and cold rolling mills

The development of a shear knife grinder by Herkules is a further expansion of the product range for complete tailor-made roll shop solutions.

When designing and producing the new machine type, Herkules Meuselwitz benefits from decades of knowhow with nearly 2,000 flat grinding machines built here. A high degree of automation, precision, flexibility, reliability and intuitive operation are the most important characteristics of this grinder. Both straight and curved knives can be ground with high precision thanks to flexible programming functions.

An optional rotary table allows for the machining of trimming shears. In addition, the shear knife grinder also grinds all other workpieces, such as adapter disks, rings or spacers.


  • Machine bed
  • Magnetic set-up
  • Carriage (longitudinal motion)
  • Cross slide (transverse motion)
  • Headstock and grinding spindle
  • CNC control

Technical data

  • Grinding length: 1,000 - 5,000 mm
  • Grinding height, max.: 250 mm
  • Grinding table set-up width, max.: 250 mm
  • Swivel range of the grinding table from the horizontal plane: +/- 90 degrees
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