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Service – anywhere at anytime

From expert advice during the first contact to modernizing machines after many decades – Herkules supports its customers during each stage of the machines’ life cycle anywhere in the world.

Assembly of New Machines

Customized assembly                

The assembly, commissioning and acceptance of new machines are carried out in close cooperation with the customer. A work schedule developed by the service center states all the individual steps from the beginning of the work on site to the final acceptance of the machine – including the training of customer personnel. This detailed planning makes sure the machines can be handed over to the customer for their production in a timely manner. All assembly works are carried out expertly by highly qualified and experienced employees.



Customized transfer of know-how

Herkules offers comprehensive training for customers’ operating and maintenance staff to guarantee smooth running of the machines right from the start.

Training takes place at Herkules or on the customer’s premises. Training at Herkules combines theoretical content taught at PC workplaces with practical demonstrations using Herkules machines. Training on the customer’s premises always involves the machine itself for practical relevance.

In addition, all participants receive a detailed training program as a guideline.


Machine Maintenance

Security through maintenance contracts

Herkules machines are renowned for their long service life and high availability. The availability is further extended by regular maintenance and reliable operation is guaranteed for many decades.

Herkules therefore offers maintenance contracts which include regular inspection of the mechanical and electrical components in predefined intervals. If preventive action is recommended, the customer is informed immediately – thus, machine defects are prevented reliably.


Service Contracts

Uncomplicated service anytime

A service contract guarantees prompt and uncomplicated technical support in the rare event of a defect. For customers with a service contract, Herkules specialists are ready to assist outside regular service times as well as on weekends, should a machine failure occur.

If the defect cannot be eliminated by telephone support, a service technician will arrive at your machine within a fixed time frame. In order to meet the reaction times as agreed in the service contract, appropriate expert personnel are always available.

Additional telephone service contracts ensure the fastest possible online error analysis, diagnosis and repair.


Spare Parts

Reliable and prompt supply of spare parts

Supplying customers with spare parts and machine components quickly and reliably is a critical element of the service offered by Herkules. All requests are promptly processed by our employees. Prior to making an offer, the experts in our engineering office check the specification of the requested spare part in order to rule out incorrect procurement. Promptly submitted proposals as well as tightest delivery schedules minimize possible downtimes of the machine.

By delivering only high-quality spare parts, Herkules makes sure the machine can be operated reliably and over a long period of time.



Restoring machine readiness quickly

Due to the high quality of Herkules machines, repair work is mainly limited to the exchange of wear parts. Having opted for original spare parts and their installation by Herkules service specialists, customers pave the way for restoring machine readiness within the shortest possible time.

Whenever a machine disruption or breakdown is reported, the experts at the service center initiate the required action immediately.

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