Controls & Measuring Technology

Compelling technological solutions

The intuitively operable controls that were specifically developed for Herkules by HCC/KPM allow Herkules machines to attain the next level of productivity and precision. At the same time, state-of-the-art technology for roll measurement and inspection ensures the excellent quality of the rolls.

These controls include:

  • The KP 10, the most powerful and versatile roll grinder control worldwide
  • C-frame calipers


Cutting-edge control technology

HCC/KPM is the specialist for trail-blazing machine controls within the HerkulesGroup. Its line-up includes controls with intuitive operation for roll grinding, turning, notch milling and texturing as well as for loaders. Specially developed for Herkules, these controls feature a number of advantages which distinguish them from the standard controls of other suppliers. A convincing concept – well over than 1,000 HCC/KPM controls are successfully operated in the market.

The most powerful and versatile roll grinder control worldwide, the KP 10 by HCC/KPM, is available in a modernized version and sets new standards with respect to operator friendliness. The highlight of the new control: a touchscreen that simplifies and speeds up the operation of the machine. The KP 10 control runs on a Windows 10 IoT 64-Bit operating system and a PLC based on Beckhoff TwinCAT 3.1. The industrial PC is equipped with the current processor generation CoreTM i5. Thus equipped according to the latest level of technology, the control is completely future-proof and equipped for all industry 4.0 applications.

Roll Measurement – C-frame Caliper

Exact roll measurement with C-frame technology

HCC/KPM C-frame calipers are high-precision devices for measuring rolls. Thanks to their compact and robust design featuring swiveling arms, the calipers are suited for very small as well as for very big roll diameters. Regardless of the diameter, be it 30 mm or 2,300 mm, the C-frame measuring technology measures all roll types accurately and reliably.

For measuring very thin rolls, Herkules offers the E-gauge, a special form of the C-frame equipped with an integrated steady rest. Combined with HCC/KPM machine controls, the C-frame caliper allows corrections on the fly, during the grinding process. The result: increased efficiency and rolls ground with the utmost precision.

Roll Inspection – Eddy Current & Ultrasonic

Early detection of roll defects

In order to minimize downtime in hot rolling mills, it is important to identify defect rolls early. This is why HCC/KPM has developed surface inspection technologies that reliably locate cracks and other defects near the surface which cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Eddy Current measuring reliably locates open cracks and changes in the roll texture. Since the Eddy Current sensor is integrated in the roll measuring system, all measurements are carried out during grinding and therefore without delay.

Eddy Current and Ultrasonic systems can either be used as stand-alone devices or integrated in the machine control. In order to reduce the number of mechanical components, the systems are integrated in the existing measuring devices.

Surface Inspection – RSIS

Reliable monitoring of the roll surface

For the automatic detection of roll surface defects, HCC/KPM offers the laser measuring device Roll Surface Inspection System (RSIS). In the post-process, RSIS records and evaluates the reflection of a laser beam on the roll surface. Machining errors, such as chatter and infeed marks, commas, clouds and similar defects are reliably detected. Based on this information, a threshold analysis determines the surface quality of the roll. The threshold value can be individually set in accordance with roll surface quality requirements.

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