Individual approaches for every industry

Herkules has been a reliable partner to companies in a wide range of industries for many decades. Based on this wealth of know-how, Herkules has developed individual solutions for each sector – for the steel industry as well as the non-ferrous industry, roll manufacturers and many other applications.


For each industry, a Herkules machine is the foundation for a high-quality end product.

Aluminum industry

Herkules has developed roll grinders which offer ideal solutions for foil rolling mills and hot or cold rolling mills. Outstanding damping characteristics of the machines guarantee the best grinding results for customers with the highest demands.

Customized solutions

The expertise regarding turning, grinding and milling of demanding workpieces built in the course of many decades enables Herkules to design, manufacture and successfully install customized solutions for special applications all over the world.

Forges and Foundries

Herkules lathes are characterized by high performance results as well as excellent damping characteristics and high availability. These lathes provide machine technology which consistently guarantees top results, even in the areas of forges and foundries and rough machining.

Long products industry

Wires, bar steel, rebars, profile steel or rails – Herkules offers specific solutions to manufacturers of long products. As a specialist for machine tools for the long products industry, Herkules has a broad range of products available.

Non-ferrous industry

Foil manufacturers who invest in a roll grinder by Herkules gain a strong competitive advantage. Herkules machines achieve top grinding results consistently and reproducibly. The formula for success: the perfect bearing of the rolls and outstanding damping characteristics.

Paper industry

Herkules has developed customized machine concepts for the paper industry. Herkules roll grinders are designed to work with extreme precision and high flexibility.

Roll manufactures

Roll manufacturers around the world rely on the expertise of Herkules. Their experience proves that roll grinders and lathes by Herkules are the perfect solution for high-quality machining of forged and cast rolls for flat and long products.

Service centers

Herkules offers a diverse range of customized machine solutions to service centers. With these machines, they can serve all sectors, from the paper, plastics and steel industry to the aluminum industry.

Stainless steel industry

Leading manufacturers in the stainless steel industry rely on Herkules machines for their roll machining needs. With Herkules roll grinders and texturing machines you consistently achieve great machining results.

Steel industry

Plate mills, hot or cold rolling mills – with many years’ experience, Herkules offers customized solutions to its clients in the steel industry. By investing in a roll grinder, a texturing machine or a complete roll shop by Herkules, customers from this area ensure reliable and highly precise machining of their rolls for many years.

Expert solutions for every industry – visit our global website for more information about our tailor-made solutions for different industries and customers.

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